Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Old paintings 2

The photo at top is me posing in front of a mural I painted at my good friend Sharon's new home. It is 8' by 10' and is my biggest piece to date. I had a blast painting it and was honored that Sharon would allow me to be a permanent figure in her home.

Old paintings 1

Here are some paintings collected from the last two or three years. These pieces can be seen displayed at Spin Cycle and Cafe C in Gainesville, FL.

Work in Progress

Some more progress on my sky and sea painting, as well as a start on a new piece, also of sky and sea. These paintings are a nice departure from my previous work. They are requiring more attention to detail, time, and direction than I have had to exert for prior works. I am sure after these, I will be looking forward to my established processes. For now though, these are a pleasant and fruitful distraction.

For the top painting I began with Cedar Key, FL in mind. I recently went there for a weekend with my partner Shannon and the amazing time we had gave me a desire to relive it through a painting. Really subjective paintings like this are not typical of my process. The departure is a result of my impulsive nature. I am still allowing my instinct lead this painting. It is a bit darker than the weather was while we were there. This is just a preliminary "sketch" of this painting. I expect alot to change, but am pleased with what is on the canvas so far.

The other, more colorful, painting is shown in a few different variations. I also whited out the original sea, not pictured. There was no particular reason for the whiting out, just curious about how it would look. I am very happy to see the background color back in place. Kind of wondering where to go now though.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

(the other) New American Paintings Entry

Here is the last piece that was not pictured in my other post about my New American Paintings contest entries. This is the only piece in the four that has been shown before (Store 101, Blue Period).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

new work 1

Here is a new piece I am working on. Just painting an imaginary sky and sea. A good example of a painting that started out with no intention or direction, and led me somewhere specific. I am happy with the color balance and general effect of the piece. More progress on this one to come.... I spent eight hours with it yesterday, probably fifteen altogether at this point.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New American Paintings - South 2009 Submisisons

These (and one more un-pictured) are my submissions for the 2009 New American Paintings South Jury. I completed these three January 1, 2009. Each represents approximately 4 months of effort. The forthcoming un-pictured submission took approximately 5 months.

I am pretty pleased with these paintings, as can be seen in my self portrait with them.