Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My goal as an artist is to create work that involves the viewer both immediately, a striking first impression, and over time, closer inspection yields depth and detail that are not immediately sensed.

I typically start a piece with no preconceived ideas of what I'm painting and follow my instincts as the work progresses, using my technical knowledge to unify my sometimes discordant instinctual urges. As ideas come to me I paint them. If they work, then they remain, if not, then they are covered. I try to balance between my subconscious creative instinct and my conscious technical knowledge to arrive at a pleasant result which gives the viewer a sense of balance and depth through the interplay of color, opacity, shape and size. This often takes months.

This blog is going to serve as an inside view into my process as new paintings progress, as well as a record of previous and future works.